My, my how the time is absolutely flying by.  We are looking at t-minus 5 weeks until (as of today still unnamed baby boy Timmons or SUBBT) baby time.  Since the last baby blog post, we've gotten the nursery 98% done (pics to follow), been showered a couple of times by some special folks (see below), and been to birthing class.  I am happy to report that one of us stayed fully conscious through the entire class.  Spoiler alert, it wasn't me.

For those of you that know me, you already know that I don't like to see, or really even think about, things that should be inside your body when they are not inside your body.  Needles, blood, etc. typically trigger vasovagal syncope in yours truly.  In layman's terms, I drop like a pile of bricks if I start thinking too much about gooey stuff.  This is a talent I've had since I was five, and it is awesome.  I had really hoped that in the heat of the delivery, I could block this out and be there (and stay upright), but after the birthing video in class, we are definitely working on plan B just in case things go south.  Do any of you readers have suggestions on how to cope/treat this?  I would love to not be the center of attention in the delivery room if at all possible.

In much brighter news, we are very lucky to have some really good friends close by, and some really good friends that live in California that came a long way, to help this baby (and Team Timmons) feel the love.  Since our first shower, we've had a couple local shindigs as well.  In typical fashion, these things were over the top and tons of fun.  You guys (you know who you are) put in so much work to make these special days, and we can't thank you enough.  Here are some pics from the shower at our house, and here are some shots from the shower thrown by the good folks over at Nixon-Notes (Ginger, if RA had her way you would be designing rooms/nurserys in the near future).  And to everyone that's come to our showers and/or offered advice, we really appreciate you!

In a late addition to this post, we went in for our checkup today and baby mama is dilated 1.5 cm, which as I quickly learned, doesn't mean much other than a "little bit of a head start" according to the doc.  SUBBT measured a little small today, so next week we get a bonus ultrasound!  He measured fine at the last visit, so it's likely just where he's riding that made the measurement a bit small, but they want to take a closer looksie.  Me too.

And finally, a baby post wouldn't be complete without some pics of the bump.  Space is starting to get tight in there, which means I get to see and feel the little guy more often.  He's certainly not afraid to throw some 'bows to make some extra space for himself, and I think he may be about as ready to meet us as we are him.

32 Weeks

33 Weeks (hi, Cooper)

34 Weeks