At Team Timmons, we've done quite a bit of painting over the last few years, but are notoriously negligent when it comes to getting before and after pictures.  With our current projects, we're being a bit more diligent with progress pics.  September 25th will be here before we know it, so we're starting to feel the pinch to get some of our "around the house" projects knocked out and at the top of that list is the nursery.

Long story short, we decided that what was our guest bedroom would be the nursery, so a few weeks back, I moved all non-baby stuff to the other bedroom/new guest room to get it ready to paint.  Here's the before shot:

Yes, that is a VERY pink chair...for now.  A trip to the Pottery Barn outlet scored this super-comfy sitting device at a great price.  It's slip covered, so you can look for the pink cover to be up on eBay shortly (let me know if you want/need a pink comfort grand glider slip cover in lovely pink).

A Sherwin-Williams coupon in the paper jump-started our color selection (low VOC paint, of course), and last Saturday was deemed nursery painting day.  As always, Cooper was anxious to help.  Or at least supervise.

This blog is TEAM Timmons, and Ruth Ann didn't let me have all of the fun by myself.  Her steady hand with a trim brush is remarkable, and her skill has not been diminished by the hitchhiker in her belly (Wrigley likes to help too).

And while painting isn't as bad as say, raking leaves, it's still pretty tiring.

Fast forward a week, another shot of energy and brainpower to assemble some shelves and the crib, and voila!

 (Cooper supervising again)

 (not as complicated as I expected)

And if you don't believe me about feeling the pinch to check things off the project list, I went ahead and knocked out the dining room too while all the paint supplies were out and about.  Yes, we've had the paint in the basement for over a year, but I must say it was worth the wait.




More nursery pics to follow once we get the finishing touches done (and get rid of the pink chair), but I've gotta say, it looks pretty good!