So I've been a little light on media lately, so I'm going to catch everyone up with the latest happenings of Team Timmons with a big round of photos that have been sitting around waiting to see the light of blog.

Enjoy, and I think you'll really want to read until the end!

We had some nice photos taken by Sally Gupton, who made us look pretty good, even if Avett wasn't his normal perky self that day:

There was Halloween (hold the spinach)

Then there was a marathon (no, I'm not fast, but that's still a PR):

What better way to celebrate all that marathon training then by eating turkey?

And by eating that turkey at the beach to celebrate Thanksgiving with family?

Still plenty of time for clowning around between adventures:

And time to clean up too:

It's December, and the Holiday season is in full effect.  That means tree picking and cutting at our traditional spot in Boone:

But first, Avett's first taste of Black Cat (he likes the fish tacos, too)

These two are keepers

Mission Accomplished

A quick swing by Oma and Papa's to see a man about a polar bear before we ended our very Christmas-y day

Another day, another race.  This time the Mistletoe Half Marathon (1:58 if you're keeping score):

But really, who wants to see pictures of me looking angry/race ready.  How about Avett and the Claus Family?

Whatchutalkinbout, Santa?

And finally, time to get the house and the tree ready for Christmas...

 For me, this is really the only decoration you need:

There may or may not be bobbleheads here:

My favorite 'hood on the tree

She's a beaut, Clark

Fact: Frasier Firs are the only type of proper Christmas tree

Can you spot the pajama'd photog?

And finally, a special message from Avett:

Aren't you glad you read to the end?

Yes, folks, you read that right - Avett will have a brother or sister on or about June 21st, 2013!  Holy cow.  We are beyond excited and I think squarely invthe spot where this still hasn't completely sunk in.  The family is going from zone defense to man-on-man.  2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 parents, and a partridge in a pear tree.  I've said many times how incredibly lucky we've been with Avett - he really has made us think that we're ready to do this thing again (plus I don't want to forget how to change a diaper or wash breast pump parts and bottles).  Not to mention the great support system we have, and absolute best day care provider you could imagine.  And obviously, your second kid is always just as happy/healthy/sleep-loving as the first, right you guys?  Right?!?  Feel free to lie to me about this particular point...

Happy Holidays everyone, we're especially grateful at Team Timmons this year!