Halfway there! Uhh, sort of. At least by mileage. Ten weeks to go, and today was our longest and most challenging run yet - 13 hilly miles. I'm hoping that the route we took today is somewhat comparable to the Big Sur course. We still haven't found a 2 mile long hill (hello Hurricane Point), but I feel like we got a lot of ups and downs today. Everyone survived unscathed, but ready to be done (at least I know I was).

Today was also time for new shoes. As I tally up my training miles, it looks like I've put about 319 miles on my shoes. They're not completely worn out, so I'll have some time to work in the new pair slowly. Hopefully the new shoes will help ease some of the discomfort I'm having with my mutant left foot.

Also of (non-running) note. Valentine's Day was this week and the better half and I went blue instead of red. We saw the Blue Man Group perform and it was great. I saw them years ago in Chicago, but this show was new and different. And their opening DJ (Mike Relm) was a great surprise. He has a big video screen and controls both the records/scratching and the video. Those of you that know me, know that anyone who does
this has earned a lifelong fan.

Until next week...