No, not the movie (although it is fantastic).

As of this post, Ruth Ann is just over 16 weeks along, showing a little bump, and enjoying some comfy maternity jeans (have you ever seen those things?!?).  Still no real sickness to speak of, and after that 12th week the zombie-style tiredness took a vacay.  The other night she had her first "was that the baby moving?" moment - exciting stuff!

Aren't you guys all dying to see a baby bump?  Ruth Ann started showing a little bit a couple weeks ago:
(14 weeks)

Since then, she's done some shopping for comfy-er clothes and that baby has done some more growing:
(16 weeks, and hello Cooper)

Ruth Ann is handling pregnancy like a BOSS.  It's far too easy sometimes to forget that she's got an overly full plate on top of growing that little person.  She just pretty much rolls with it and most of the time, it's the same ol' awesome RA.  There are days when I get tired of trying to keep things afloat on the home front while she's at class or trying to catch up on work, or heaven forbid, rest.  I have to keep reminding myself that (even if she doesn't act like it) she's on the business end of this deal and I've got to suck it up...