I am writing this post as one tired puppy. Just finished our first 15 mile training run. This was my first long run in my new shoes and I paid for it. I've got blisters that would make Dr. Scholl's blush - on both feet. Hoping that these will quickly heal/harden and I'll be back on my merry way, but they definitely caused me to struggle today. Towards the end of the run, I fixated on each step and couldn't get my mind to a happy running place.

That being said, we did still finish. Big shout out to Nathan for running the whole distance after being sick all week, and equal props to Mike for "headphone mode". That guy puts on the tunes and disappears down the trail/road.

Next week we up the mileage during the week and tag on another mile to the long run. Here's to quick recovery and being ready to run again on Tuesday.