Alright, it's time for some baby updates! Since my last post, we've been to Bed Bath and Beyond, Babies R Us (twice), and Pottery Barn Kids. No, we aren't registered yet (we ARE getting closer), but seriously, have you been in Babies R Us?  That place is scary.  After our second trip I think we've kind of figured out the big things, but I'll tell you it's a bit overwhelming.  A registering party with our good pal Sara should help with all the "do we need this or that?" items, so I think we're almost there.

Registry aside, we did pick out a crib! We are not the most decisive group you'll ever meet but after staking out the crib section for a good, long while, we made our choice.  For you baby stuff nerds, we decided on the 3 in 1 Catalina crib from PB.  It's mega super duper nice to have the family discount for that nice stuff from Pottery Barn (thanks, Mom).  I took advantage of the long weekend and swapped out the guest room furniture out of what will be the nursery, so when the crib gets here in a week or so I'll get to embark on the joy of crib assembly.  We've narrowed down the bedding choices to just a couple, so once we make that pick, we'll be able to move ahead full steam on the baby's room.

As you can see from the pictures below, Baby Timmons has been growing.  Ruth Ann gets to feel the little bugger kick and backstroke pretty regularly, but he pretty much goes into ninja stealth mode every time I try to say hello.  I have been lucky enough to feel him a couple times and even see him once, which is pretty wild.  I'm pretty sure when real estate gets a little tighter in there, it'll be a bit harder for him to hide.  Ruth Ann continues to handle pregnancy like a pro, so everyone cross your fingers that things continue to go so well!

18 Weeks

20 Weeks

22 Weeks