...and you all know that this baby's a boy, I thought I'd share just a little about the big 18 week appointment.  The big buzz with this appointment of course, is that you get to find out if "it" is a he or a she.  The less glamorous (but kind of scary and mega-important) part of this appointment is the general checkup on the baby to make sure everything is healthy.  Our little guy was shy (taking after me already) and snuggled up into a tight ball, so before he gave up the goods, we got to go through the paces.  Measure the head, check.  Measure the length, check.  Check the heart, spine, kidneys - check, check and check.  Thankfully, all is well with our little 9 ounce bundle of impending joy.

During the scan, Baby T started getting more comfortable on camera and started moving around.  At the risk of sounding super cheesy, it was so friggin' cool!  During that first ultrasound, you can see what looks kind of like a gummi bear.  This time not only do things look more real, but once you see the little guy moving around and kicking, it FEELS really real.  For real.

Pictures, you say?  Here you go...

Here's the profile view

This is the spooky Halloween shot

And my favorite, the foot