So as any new parent will tell you, the first couple weeks are rough.  You have this tiny thing that you're responsible for taking care of, and all you really want to do is stare at him in amazement.  And sleep some.  Here is a human person that you need to help grow, and by the way you need to figure this thing out with no instructions and make sound decisions with minimal rest.

Sleep is a hot commodity for us right now.  It comes in short bursts, is typically interrupted by a dog barking, Avett crying, or an alarm beeping telling us it's time for the little man to eat.  I'm a guy that likes requires some beauty rest.  If I could go to bed at 9:30 every night, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  Needless to say that's not a luxury I can afford these days, and as a result of this sleep deprivation and new Dad duty, my body is doing strange things.

Case in point, a couple nights ago one of those dinner bell alarms went off in the middle of the night.  When I set an important alarm, it has to be set somewhere out of my immediate reach, so this one was across the room.  I got up and stumbled over to the alarm to turn it off, then started to walk back across the room to start the feeding process.  It was halfway to the bed when something dawned on me.

This is not an infant.

You're reading this right.  I got up, found the alarm, turned it off, turned on a light, and turned around only to hear RA ask "what are you doing?".  What I was doing was cradling the pillow I'd been snuggling in the bed.  Obviously.  Somewhere in my mind and maybe muscle memory, I was so used to holding the kiddo that my tired brain thought that there was a chance that my faithful drool catcher was a baby and it needed to be handled with care.  Wowser.  And if we're being absolutely honest (and we always are here on Team Timmons), I did this again after a nap on the couch, except this time I was a little quicker to realize that my pillow wasn't a living thing and didn't carry it around the room (perhaps I was a little more rested).

To any of you other parents out there, do you have a strange newbie story that can top this?