Ruth Ann's a teacher, see what I did there with the post title?  Aaaaanyway....

It's been a minute since a proper blog post, so I'll try to catch things up here.  On Monday, Avett was six weeks old and looked something like this:

Since the last baby post, this kid has done plenty of eatin', sleepin', and poopin'.  And thankfully, not too much cryin'.  This is one (mostly) happy baby, and I think we are probably taking that for granted since we don't really know any better.  I mean, rarely does this kid get cranky about much of anything.  He sleeps in pretty good runs at night (and an extra special thanks to RA for handling that early morning feeding like a pro), and we've been able to establish a pretty good eat, hang out, nap routine during the days.  We've made a couple successful adventures out of la casa, and Ruth Ann even managed to safely pack up and transport little man out solo.  Without breaking down.  Kudos, wifey!

This week was our six-week checkup and I'm happy to report that my better half has a clean bill of health, and that the doc was quite impressed with Avett. Well, mostly the size of the chunky cheeks, but hey! this boy is growing.  I took a rough weight this week and the little man tipped the electronic scale at 9.6 lbs.  Granted, laying him on a bathroom scale is not the most scientific weighing method, but I think that's pretty accurate.  I mean, just compare these two pics and I think you'll agree.

And without further adieu, here is approximately 2% of the pictures we've taken over the last 6 weeks!

Baby Feet!

A nap with Mom

Thanks for the swing, Ben

Tummy Time

Cooper on watch

Mountaineer in the making


Dueling banjos babies

This ground and these pumpkins are COLD

Family reading before bed