OK, so this post is late and well overdue.  I know, I know, but believe it or not it's been a bit harder to carve out time to keep the blog fresh and write posts when I'm somewhat clever, witty and coherent.  It's all for you, gentle readers, and I want to keep the quality at Team Timmons top notch.

'Tis the week after Thanksgiving and after the dust settled, the food digested and the power nap happened, I've got a little time to reflect on what was a really great long weekend.  My place of employment is pretty generous with holidays and so in addition to the holiday on Thursday and Friday, I took Wednesday and Monday off to make for six. days. off.  In a row.  That's a glorious thing, right there.  Some of my most favoritest family made the trip over from Kentucky to visit and we got some good time to catch up and my brother was in town and brought his new pup, Mac.  To quickly summarize, Thanksgiving this year included the recently expanded Team Timmons, an aunt, cousins, kids of cousins (4 and 6 years old), my bro, parents, their neighbors and close friends, and four pups.  And a partridge in a pear tree.  It was busy and wild and loud, and awesome.  Since a picture's worth a thousand words, I'll take the easy way out and give you a photo recap:

Avett was snuggled, here by Aunt Lynda

Here by Grandpa and Nana Nance

Here by Uncle Kev

Here by Oma (entertainment provided by Papa)

Cornhole was played

Naps were taken

By dogs too

Happy baby!

And a team picture

And after the official holiday dust settled, we sneaked our way up to Blowing Rock for a night a Chetola, a meal at the ever delicious Black Cat, and some Christmas tree shopping at our favorite choose and cut spot in Boone.

This is my concentrate-hard-so-I-don't-fall-down-the-mountain-with-our-child face

(they have cows there too!)

Obviously, this was our first big holiday with Avett and through all the hubbub and excitement, we did get a chance to take a few quiet minutes and reflect on parenthood so far.  Our thoughts?  Man, are we lucky.  Avett is such a good baby (insert knock on wood here).  He's making things as easy as he can on us first time parents, and for that we really are thankful.

And now, Christmas is right around the corner.  I'm generally a fan of Christmas music, but for some reason I am on a serious festive music kick this year.  I like the classics (duh), but I also really enjoy hearing the people I normally listen to make a pass at a holiday tune.  If you're on Spotify, and honestly why wouldn't you be, you should check out the Christmas Album from She & Him (think Jovie from Elf) and Scott Weiland (yes, the STP guy at his crooner-y, uh, best).

Thanks for checking in, I'll try to keep this puppy more up to date.  In the meantime, enjoy this crazy/busy/hectic/special holiday season!