Alright, so it's been a minute since the last post over here.  It's been just a touch busy for Team Timmons, but let me fill all you faithful readers in on the haps.  This post is going to be random, but informative.  Maybe even a little entertaining.

1.  I Rickrolled a lot of you for April Fools' Day.  Joke's on me though, seeing as how most of you didn't even know what a Rickroll was.  Seriously?!?  That's like, the oldest prank on the internet!

2.  Avett turned 6 months old.  And is about to turn 7 months old.  Yes, I'm behind on blog posts and pictures.

3.  Avett started eating solid foods.  After a good bit of patience from his parents, we've gone from this:

To this:

To this:

4.  I had to make a quick business trip for a couple days.  It wasn't all that fun for any of Team Timmons and it was crazy how much the little man changed while I was gone.  I know, I know, everybody always says that and it's kind of annoying, I get it.  But that dude had a breakthrough on eating (did you see that video?) and started sitting up pretty well on his own while I was gone.

5.  Ruth Ann is in full-blown working, grad student, mommy mode and is killing it.  We don't have nearly as much down time as we'd like, but she's focused and we're doing pretty well to keep on top of things, with the exception of the dog hair tumbleweeds that make our floors look like something out of a bad Western.  Based on the way App is offering classes, it made more sense for her to take on a very full spring/early summer and be DONE, so we'll be accepting positive vibes and the like until everything settles out in about July or so and we can start breathing normally again.

6.  Avett has a great sense of humor.  That or he just likes a good old fashioned laugh off with me.  You'll have to wait for the next post to see this in action.

7.  Our good friends Nate and Steph got married and threw a helluva party to celebrate.  Congrats you two, enjoy the Wedding Bells Ale!  And while not nearly as exciting as my beer, try to have fun on your honeymoon...

Get your fresh beer here

Hot Mama, Goofy Dude

Throw your hands up!

Just junk punched or sangin' Journey?

8.  Avett went to see his great grandma Robinson and meet the new family cows.  Fun times!

There are baby cows in there

9.  It's baseball season again.  Not only for the Purple Herd, but also the Winston-Salem Dash.  The fine folks over at Nixon Notes and we have had partial season tickets for the last couple years and I'm excited to hit up the ballpark on Friday for our first game of the season.  I'm not sure if Avett will join us for this game, but I do look forward to introducing him to hot dog breath and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

10.  2 Skinnee J's are coming to Ziggy's!!!  I've been largely unimpressed by the bands booked at new Ziggy's, but those who know me know that I'm pretty jacked up about this show.  You should probably join the crew we have lined up for this show if you like nerdy rap-rock that is largely about Star Wars (and honestly, who doesn't?).

11.  Avett is 172% obsessed with the first two fingers of his left hand.  Always. in. his. mouth.  Seriously, if you were to look through our camera's memory card, you'd be amazed.  The pictures you see here where he's taken a break from those fingers are only due to some quick and crafty distraction techniques.  Anybody know how much is too much with finger/thumb sucking?

Whew, how about that?  Random enough?  Informative?  Mildly entertaining?