Early readers to this blog know that it was started back in the day to track my attempt to train for and run the 2008 Big Sur International Marathon (spoiler alert: I did it).  The experience was tough and the training load was heavy, and while I did have a "never say never" approach to doing it again, it has taken me about 4 years to forget how much running it actually was and to wrap my head around trying to train for and complete another marathon.

Big Sur was an amazing backdrop for a race and what other race could compete with that?  How about NYC?  Yeah, I think that'll do.  The only catch?  It's one of the most popular races on the planet and as such, there's a lottery to get in.  My luck has never been super fantastic, and no, I didn't get in the lottery.


The other option to run this marathon is to sign up with a charity team.  They get you a spot in the race in exchange for some hefty fundraising.  Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of Team Think Pink Rocks!  Cancer sucks.  Period.  Breast cancer especially sucks and has touched far too close to my family over the last few years, as my mom was diagnosed and went through treatment and even more recently, my mother-in-law was diagnosed and is currently undergoing treatment.  We've been extremely lucky that early detection for both of the moms has led to pretty much a best case scenario (if there is such a thing with cancer) as far as treatment and prognosis goes.

So what am I blogging about here, aside from gearing up for some serious endurance training to get ready a marathon?  I need your help.  And your friends' help.  And their friends' help too.  I've committed to raising at least $2,500 for Think Pink Rocks and I can't do it by myself.  Would you be ever so kind as to do two things to help me out?  First, make a donation on my behalf right here (every little bit helps!).  Second, please share my challenge and this blog post with your friends and family and encourage them to donate if they can and pass it along as well.  Email it.  Facebook it.  Blog it.  Tweet it.  Heck use a carrier pigeon or a message in a bottle.  Let's go viral with this thang, raise a truckload of money for an excellent cause, and stay tuned to the blog for updates along the way!  Thanks everybody!