So as we're on the doorstep of July and a few 100+ degree days (yikes!) here in NC, I'm getting geared up to start my official marathon training.  I already knew that I'd be running a lot this summer, but hadn't really thought about how hot it would be during most of the heavy training.  End result there is that I'll be setting a way-too-early alarm most Saturday mornings to get out and run before the real heat starts to set in.  Fun times!

It's been an uber-busy month for Team Timmons.  Ruth Ann is in the throws of the busiest part of her grad school career.  Overlapping classes!  Papers!  Tutoring!  Oh my!  We're pretty much hunkered down and trying to survive the next few weeks, although I think we're through the heaviest load.  Without a doubt, we're all excited to see July roll around when RA is officially an App grad.  That, and she'll be able to enjoy the rest of her summer while we try to get to the beach and get up to visit some family.  It's still a busy summer, but checking school off the list will be HUGE (twss)!

Avett continues to be awesome.  I've said it before, I haven't spent this much time with a small human person before, so I don't have a great comparison, but he is just a good, easy kid.  We are lucky that he sleeps well, is easy-going, rarely cries, has a great smile, and seems to like everyone pretty well.  We kind of like him too.  He turned 9 months old last week, is working on his first couple teeth and is starting to be more mobile (crawls sometimes instead of the commando scoot, sits up some by himself, and is starting to pull up).  He isn't talking quite yet, but I think our time when he was really little watching The Walking Dead has led him to a very authentic zombie grunt/growl (video forthcoming, I hope).

8 Months Young

Dad's Day 2012

After Father's Day brunch at the Deacon Tower

Hanging with Nana

Whatchu doin' up there?

This kid isn't loved at ALL

A quick lesson with Uncle Kev

This book looks delicious!

Hanging out with Carter

Helping with laundry

9 month photo shoot 
In a whirlwind of last minute-ness, I got to be an extra in a movie for a couple days!  They've been filming a movie in and around town for the last couple months and a couple co-workers and I have been stalking closely monitoring the internets in hopes of having a movie encounter.  The movie stars Owen Wilson (aka, Lightning McQueen), Amy Poehler (aka, hilarious in every way), Zach Galifianakis (aka, Seth Galifianakis) and is written and directed by Matt Weiner (aka, the guy behind Mad Men).  My friend John got the call to be an Amish townsperson, but I thought my chance had passed.  But...I saw a post for more extras on Monday, sent in my mug shot (again), and at 7:00 the next morning I was on the movie set (a HUGE thanks to the Robinsons for swooping in and taking care of Avett so I could go geek out).  Long story short, after two days and 28 hours (!) of shooting and there's a pretty good shot that me and/or my car will make the movie.  That said, you'll likely need to pause, rewind and watch in slow motion to find me, but they filmed me in the background of a couple scenes and driving through some others, so keep a look out for me in "You Are Here" when it hits theaters next year.

Amish John

Owen Wilson and, uh, who's that other guy?

And finally, what blog post would be complete without friendly fundraising reminders.  Check out (and donate, please!) my fundraising page here.  And don't forget, we're less than two weeks away from Beer School at Foothills on July 11th at 6:00 Winston-Salemites (you savvy Facebook users can RSVP here).  Thanks as always for your support.  I'm almost halfway there, so let's keep the heat on and the momentum going!  I can't do this without your help!