This blog title is a reference to how much Avett likes demands to dip food these days, surefire clickbait for Ginger, AND a weird way to tell you that I'm going to play "catch up" on the happenings with Team Timmons.  See what I did there?  Wordplay, for the win!

Sorry about that, sheesh.  On to the news...

You already know about our recent trip to the beach for the Wrightsville Beach Marathon.  We couldn't let the runners have all the fun, so we decided to pack up the crew and venture to the aquarium at Fort Fischer. I was super excited about this and thought it would be right up Avett's alley, and boy was I right - for about 36% of the time we were there.  The other 64% of the time was meltdown like we've never experienced before with our normally good-natured little dude.

 Cool Place!

We went from the "content in the stroller"

To the "oh wow, let me explore this"

To the "hey, let me hang onto you around the albino alligator"

To the "if you don't let me push this stroller wherever I want to go, I'll squall, throw myself down and bang my head on the ground" *headbanging not pictured

And again "driving"

Eesh.  Call it lack of naps, being off schedule or just not digging the fish, but we were "those parents" for the first time.  The scornful looks are SO special.  But it goes with the territory, as they say.  We still managed to have a mostly good time, and baby 2 got his first aquarium experience (sorta):

As did Eleanor and let's face it, it's deeply rooted in her genes to love animals

Avett was able to rally pretty well and have a good time at dinner

We also had plenty of time to rest and relax, which was a welcome break from the daily grind.

(Almost a bro)

+/- 8 seconds of stillness


And finally what's a trip to the beach without, well, the beach?  It's not exactly beach weather in March, but we did have a make a quick run out into the sand.

Not all smiles and unicorns

(my enthusiasm didn't rub off)

Not our best family shot

On the car ride home, Avett caught up on some much-needed Zzzzzzs, and we played the baby name game.  Our version of the name game involves each of us scoring each name on our 2+ page list, combining the scores and hanging on to the top vote-getters.  We have some front runners, but we still have some work to do.  Stay tuned on that...

And since this is a catch-up post, here are some other fun shots since the last big update.

Quick trip to the doc for a fever and urine sample.  Not the most fun we've ever had.

Then back again for the 18 month checkup (still hugging the bottom of the size curve)

I'm 18 months old, y'all!

Avett loves his Swiffer (and truck, wearing PJs and Cousin Eddie hat)

The dogs love snack time

Avett loves the new helicopter I control with the iPad.  Either that, or he likes watching Cooper's reaction.  Cooper does NOT like the heli.

Avett loves the BAAAA (banjo), and I'm getting a little better

And I love these two

Until next time...