Well, I've had great intentions on getting this post done for well over a month now.  I'm late, but for good reason - there's been a lot happening with Team Timmons.  More on that later, but most importantly, one of my absolutely favorite people on the planet turned two (yes, over a month ago).  TWO YEARS OLD.  Insert all forms of "time flies" cliches here, but seriously - how did this happen, and how did we go from here last year:

to here, in just a year?!?

In those two years, we also saw another big birthday, as Stone joined up with the Team.  So if you're keeping score, that's 3 Timmons men under our roof (think happy thoughts for Ruth Ann!).  So let me try to catch you up on what's been happening.

Same outfit, very different kiddos.  Who's who?

Stone turned 3 months old

AND 4 months old

We also celebrated another milestone birthday with Ruth Ann's grandma - her 90th!  It was great to see most of the Robinson clan together at one time, and Avett loved spending some time outside on a nice day.

Grands, and great-grands

And if we get a little closer to present day, it's full-blown Halloween season, folks!  Courtesy of Ouida's annual Pumpkin Party, take a look at our take on this year.

Ewok, meet Wookiee

Hello Yoda and Leia

And the Wooten Clan!

And finally, a Wookiee Call

Costumes are great, but let's not forget the importance of a good jack-o-lantern.  And before you can carve, you have to pick out that perfect pumpkin.  We discovered a new (and pretty cool) pumpkin patch this year.

On the hunt

Stone was happy...

...then he wasn't.

This is what a "good" picture looks like with a 2 year old and 4 month old.  No more than one person smiling and/or looking at the camera (but Ruth Ann looks great).

Since we scored a great pumpkin, we had to do it justice.  Avett used the Force to help carve it up...


Hello, Lord Vader...

 So there you have it - a seasonal update.  Except there's just one more thing.  One teensie little thing.  I got a new job.  Whawhawhaaaaaaaaat?!?!  Sure enough, in a couple weeks I'll be embarking on the next phase of my professional life.  I'm pretty excited, so here's to being the "new guy" again.  Send your positive vibes my way!