...thank you for my red hot, smokin' (and pregnant) wife.  If you are offended or have no idea what the heck I'm talking about right now, please go here A.S.A.P.  Better now?  OK, read on...

I mean really, look at this pretty lady.  We've been pretty good about taking/posting "bump" pics, but you were all subject to my quick and so-so photos.  Just look what you get when you call in a professional or two.

(yes, I know this looks way better than the pics I take)

(see, they even make my goofy mug look halfway decent)

Three of Us

And speaking of professional, if you're looking to get some pictures made, I can't recommend Urban Bloom Photography highly enough (click here to show them some love (err, Like) on Facebook and take a peek at some more of our pics).  Joey and Brooke are good people, very relaxed and very reasonable.  Check 'em out!

And for Team Timmons, these will be among the last pictures of Avett before he makes his (hopefully quick, uneventful and witnessed by me in a fully conscious state from start to finish) entrance into the world, at which point there will undoubtedly be 1,239,502 pictures of the little man.  If he stays on schedule, that entrance is less than two weeks away...