So, yesterday we finally decided on a name for our baby boy.  As a nerd myself, I felt like the other nerds of the world should get the first crack at the big news (see previous post).  Well, the head start is over.

Avett James Timmons, ETA 9/25/11

We started months ago with a list of over 100 names, whittled that down to a more manageable couple handfuls, but had been stuck making the final decision for a couple months.  We had tons of criteria: nothing too wild, nothing too traditional, and definitely not something that would stir bad memories for Ruth Ann from her 10 year kindergarten teaching career.  Let's not even get started on our scoring/ranking/elimination system (it was fairly intense).

The middle name was easy, we knew we wanted to use her dad's name.  The first name was a bit tougher.  Avett was one of our fringe names from the beginning but we just couldn't quite make the call.  We are big fans of the Avett Brothers and what they stand for (remember this?), but didn't want to look like the crazy, stalkerish superfans.  It's a great name and we're excited that the little man can start to have some more identity.  And if we happen to get free concert tickets to the Greensboro show in October (or for life), then so be it.  Just kidding.  Unless you guys happen to be reading this...