So...we have almost 2 weeks of "everybody's back at work now" time under our belts and everyone has survived, relatively unscathed.  Tired, stressed, and adjusting, but not much worse for the wear.  And tired, did I mention tired?  Aside from a few bouts of ugly cries on the first day, Ruth Ann is doing great.  It's hard enough to go from being home with the little man all the time to going back to work.  And for me I was home for 2 weeks after he was born and went back to a job where I can ignore a phone call or email if I need a minute.  RA had about 15 weeks away and is going back to a kindergarten classroom.  She can barely pee, much less take a minute to herself.

Talk about an adjustment and no rest for the weary...The alarm is definitely set now earlier than either of us would like, but we've mostly settled into a routine that works (for now).  RA gets up first and showered, then gets A-man up.  I get up, shower, feed the dogs, and try to get whatever else done and ready that I can.  Then I'm off to the g-parents' house with Avett while RA finishes getting ready and out the door.  Ruth Ann picks him up in the afternoons, then we both play the "what's for dinner tonight game" and divide and conquer making picking up dinner and taking care of the little man.  I hoard freeze some breastmilk, wash bottles and pump parts, shove food down my gullet, and then we start getting Avett ready for a bath and bed.  And take a minute to breathe.  Maybe read a little or watch something on the DVR.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Everyone says it's uber important to have the little ones on the schedule, but it's just as much for the parents, if not more.  We're not quite a well-oiled machine just yet, but we're not all busted either.

Through all of it, Avett is just an easy-going dude.  Unless he's hungry, extra tired, or sitting in something that no person would want to sit in, he's good to go.  Meals out have been successful so far (knock on wood), there have been no sniffles or sickness to speak of (knock really loud on wood), and he's adjusting well to the new routine.  And changing?  Uh, yeah, you could say that.  I've been trying to shoot some video lately to document some things and here they are.  As you'll see, he digs his playmat.  Please ignore my higher-than-normal pitch in talking to the kid, sometimes it just happens.

Taking it all in and making fun noises

Tummy Time (strengthening that neck)

Rollin, rollin, rollin, Raw-hiiiiiiide (heeyaw!)

And what post would be complete without a few pics.  Is that bear shrinking?