Santa's sleigh is long gone and the New Year's confetti has settled.  The tree is down and the leg lamp has made its way back to the man cave, and we here at Team Timmons have successfully navigated our first busy holiday season with our little man.  It will come as a surprise to no one that there was no shortage of love for Avett.  And gifts.  And Christmas outfits.  LOTS of Christmas outfits.

(see what I mean?)

Without a doubt, we were definitely more excited about Christmas than Avett this year, although I assume that won't be the case next year, right?  In any case, as I mentioned, the kid made out like a holly, jolly bandit.

No judgment on my Christmas morning look or well-worn and supremely comfortable pajama pants:

Perhaps the best gift I got was this.  Seems like nothing until you're a parent and it's your kid.  Avett figured out how to giggle, and is evidently pretty ticklish.  This was the end of Christmas day.  Pretty awesome, right?

When we weren't throwing down on one of our 5 Christmases (yes, you read that right), we ran Avett back to the doc for another checkup, and thankfully after our Batman vs. the Joker-like vigilance, he won't need to wear a helmet.  We may still end up doing some PT for torticollis, but we're over the big hurdle and if we focus on his neck exercises and stretches like we have keeping him off the left side of his head, we may avoid therapy as well.  Woot, woot!

Tomorrow is the dreaded Mommy-is-going-back-to-work-and-no-one-is-really-excited-about-it-aside-from-the-grandparents-who-will-be-watching-Avett-for-us.  Whew.  I've been off for just under two weeks and I'm already mad about the alarm, but Ruth Ann has been off since September.  And she's a new (and let me reiterate awesome) mom.  She obviously trumps me in the return to work category, but neither of us is all that excited as it's been really nice to be at home and spend some good, quality time as our family unit.  And with that being said, it's rapidly approaching my bed time, so I'll bid you adieu and leave you with some more pics.  Hope every single one of you 12 or so readers enjoyed the holidays as much as we did!

Hung with care (thanks to Mom for the glitterific Santa)

I finally manned up and started handling bath detail.  Still not sure why I had such a mental block about it.


Tummy Time - Still not a favorite, but it's getting better

We start nerds early in this family.  And why yes, those are fake Chucks socks


Watch the Throne