Last weekend was a busy and fun one with a couple firsts for Team Timmons.

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby and my parents threw their annual party.  While we were winning in the loser horse pool, Avett was rocking his new hat and making friends at his first Derby party.  Hats off (haha) to the folks for another good shindig.

On Sunday, we took advantage of a picture perfect day to take the little man to his first baseball game.  Fun was had by all.

(he just woke up from a nap in the car.  It was like I got a 20 minute hug while we walked to the game, got grub, and got to our seats.  It was awesome.)

Hanging with Mom, notice the Cubs gear

Ruth Ann has also polished off another grad school course, which is mega-exciting.  I can't imagine finding the energy/time/willpower to work, go to grad school and be a great Mom (I'm really proud of her).  Only a few more classes over the next couple months and she will officially be waaaaaaay smarter.  And while that's awesome news, you're probably mostly here to see pictures of the squirt.  I'm happy to oblige and will catch you up on some other pics that haven't made it to the blog yet.  Enjoy!



I was doing something hilarious over there, obviously.

7 months!  These pictures are getting a bit trickier to take.