For a long time, we Timmons' created little dudes.  I've got a brother (whadup, Kev!), my dad has a brother, and his sons are Craig and Derek.  Easy, right?  Almost.  Craig has a couple kiddos with his wife Joy, but they bucked the trend.  Eve and Augustine, while both awesome, are obviously not guys.  We didn't want to put a lot of thought and time into finding "the" name only to find out that he was a she or vice versa, so initially Ruth Ann and I decided we'd wait until we knew if the lil' bit was a he or a she before we started playing the name game.

Well...that's not so much working according to plan.  This pregnancy thing is pretty exciting, let's face it.  I've been pretty good about putting off the name talk for the most part (I do have a few thoughts so far), but Ruth Ann is ready for game time and wants me to play too.  As a teacher, she has a bunch of names that are just no's by association.  One bad Sally or Timmy and that name's no good.  She likes the idea of a unisex name, and I'm game for that with some names, but some are just a little too funky for me.  And heck, is there some kind of website to test names for inadvertent comedic value?  I don't want to set my kid up for Seymour Butts jokes all of his/her life.  Not only that, but at least on some level, a name defines a person.  This is going to be tough.  So a simple question readers, how to you name a person?!?