So there you have it!  Come September 25th or so, this 12-legged family will gain 2 more.  Legs, that is.  We are having a baby!

Lil' Bit at 9 weeks:

Ruth Ann is doing great.  Not too sick, but pretty tired so far (although going into week 12, she's felt a little more like herself).  For the record, she's chasing around a bunch of Kindergarteners all day, taking two grad school classes, and growing a friggin' HUMAN BEING.  She's a trooper, and I probably don't tell her that enough.  Maybe she's reading this...

I think we're both still kind of processing this whole thing, but I can tell you that we're pretty excited to join the parenting ranks of Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears and Dina Lohan (wait, those bad examples, you say?).  In all seriousness, we feel very lucky to move into a new chapter of our lives.  And if you're reading this blog, you can expect a fair share of baby-related posts in the coming months.  Hey I'm reading those baby books, shouldn't I share?