Most everyone that knows me is aware of my massively eclectic music collection.  As a rule, unless it's "tear in my beer" country twang, there's a good chance I like it or at least appreciate it (yes, Lady Gaga, I'm talking to you).

We just had a chance to see one of my favorite bands last weekend when the Avett Brothers came to Charlotte for a homecoming show.  These guys are from Concord and have started to make a bigger name for themselves over the last couple years.  Their music is hard to classify (punk bluegrass, maybe?) so you likely won't hear much of them on the radio, but I encourage you to check them out as they bring energy to the banjo and acoustic guitar like nobody's business.  Their songs range from ballad to full-blown hollerin' jams.  One of Team Timmons' favorite Avett tracks is "Murder in the City".

Here it is live, from Saturday night:

Some people (ahem, Ouida) don't seem to appreciate this song, and take the lyrics just a bit too literally.  Does Scott Avett really think he's gonna get shot down and have his posse avenge his death.  Doubtful.  For me, this is a storyteller's song about family and it gives me chills every time I hear it.  Go ahead and listen again - what do you think?  Trashy or tender?