From the previous posts around here, you'll know that we're pretty lucky so far with our little man.  He's agreeable (mostly), sleeps well, is content to chill, etc.  That's awesome, but there's just this one thing.  He likes to look to his right.  A lot.

(maybe he just wasn't into this book?)

Ruth Ann and I watch this kid like a hawk and had noticed that all that lookin' was starting to do a number on the back of his head.  We even called the nurse a month or so ago to ask what we should/could be doing to keep from flattening out his noggin and the answer we got was to just try to get him interested in looking the other way.  So, put things on his left side, prop his head, etc.  For not having a hard head yet, this dude is stubborn and always seems to find his way back to his favorite side.

Fast forward to last week and his 2 month checkup, and the doc mentioned two not-so-feely-good things.  Torticollis (maybe very slight) and....a helmet.  I'll preface this with the good parent in me by saying if the professionals say Avett absolutely has to sport a helmet for his well-being, then I'll be commissioning someone to make it look like App State's finest.  And of course there could be MUCH worse things than some headgear, I get that.  But....who really wants that for their kid?  I mean, I want to snuggle baby head, not hard plastic.  And it sure can't be all that comfortable for him, can it?  And is the thing even washable?  Anything that doesn't get washed for nine months is going to have some stank, right?

We go back in a month for another head check-up to see what we may need to do.  In the meantime, we are being extra vigilant on getting this small fry looking the other way and off that one side of the melon.  Lots of tummy time, stretches (thanks for the tips, Charlotte), belly naps (easy now, only if we are with him and watching closely), and various ways to prop/turn that head to keep him from always being on the same side (he is very crafty in still turning the other way).  We let him sleep his own way at night since we're not able to watch as closely, but wonder if there are safe things to do during that long stretch of night sleep too.

So, parents out there...What are your thoughts/experience with new baby heads and helmets?  From what I can tell in my research and talking to others, there seems to be some different approaches in different places (ie, there are helmets galore around here, but not so much in other places where our friends and family have kids).  Couple that with some articles that say unless the case is severe, repositioning is just as effective as helmet therapy, and the conspiracy theorist in me starts to get a little suspicious about all these helmet recommendations.  Those things are expensive and someone is getting PAID.  I'll update the world after our next appointment, but would love to see some comment feedback from you knowledgeable folks in the meantime....