Just a quick post here....Since Avett's arrival, my mom has uncovered some of my old clothes from when I was a small fry.  Funny enough, they fit someone else we know now.

Thankfully, I think Avett takes more after his mom.  No comments from the peanut gallery on the picture of me (it's NORMAL for young babies to be cross-eyed sometimes, you guys).

And here are some of my favorite pictures from the last month or so.  It's really amazing how your definition of entertainment changes when you family expands.  I'd rather carry on with this kid and try to squeeze out a smile than tear off an epic guitar solo on Rock Band.  MOST of the time.

Ready for his first 5K (RA and Avett took care of business while I ate doughnuts!)

Another recycled family item.  Bjorn, smjorn

So fresh and so clean

There's one of those smiles

Santa?!?  I know him!

(Sorta) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

And finally, here are the updated weekly photos.  At some point soon, we'll probably just snap these each month, but here's the latest batch.
Looking thoughtful

Looking tired

I'm pretty content over here

Those cheeks, am I right?


Laughing at an awesome joke, obviously

And finally, another side-by-side shot (gotta love a new iPhone app).  It's crazy to see how much this little fella has already grown up and changed.  Ruth Ann just finished her grad school semester (whew!) and I'm really looking forward to some time off around the holidays to enjoy some quality family time before everybody goes back to work.