Why yes, yes I am.  

And so is Ruth Ann.  Our friends Charlotte and Quique discovered this event last year and after about .002 seconds after they told me about it, I was sold.  So last May we took a trip down to Mountain City, GA to participate in the Warrior Dash.   I can't recommend this event highly enough, but in this blog post, I'm going to do my best to convince you to sign up to do this with us in 2011 (Ouida, I'm talking to you, too).

If you didn't check out the link above, the Warrior Dash is a 5K adventure race.  Sure you get the standard event t-shirt, but that's not all.  With your entry and t-shirt, you also get a medallion and a fuzzy warrior hat. This is not your typical 5K by ANY stretch.  Think obstacles and costumes.  Think free beer for the finishers, and let's don't forget that classic fair food staple, the turkey leg.  The company that organizes the race has a series all across the country, and each race is a little different.  There are, however, some common elements in all of them.  Namely, the warrior roast (aka, fire jump) and muddy mayhem (aka, barbed wire mud pit).  We also slogged through water, climbed a cargo net, and clambered over some broke down cars.

You can look at all of our pictures from last year here, but these should give you a feel for the awesomeness.  This year, they added an event in Huntersville, NC, and we've got quite a crew signed up (holla to Jimmy, K-Woo and Jon, Ginger and Christopher, and Suzy and Jeff).  Won't you join us?  And won't you suggest large group costume themes?  Ruth Ann will be mega pregnant and just spectating this year, but Juno/Bleeker has a nice ring to it, I think.

Here's the link you need, right >> here <<

Pre-race (Popeye, Olive Oyl and Mr. T's Marauders)

Action Shot!

Entering the mud pit

In the mud, barely (I was in a hurry after being heckled urged on by the peanut gallery)


(Dirty) Warriors

Shoe graveyard/recycling