Yes, you read that right.  I am the proud owner of an elusive Bag of Crap from Woot!

For those in the know, I'm sure you can understand the excitement and sense of accomplishment actually landing one of these things provides.  Most of the time, you will get, well, crap (see below).  There are, however, the legends of amazing bags - TVs, electronics, entire pallets of goodies, etc.  So you really have to approach this as an $8 lottery ticket, cross your fingers and hope for some magic.  People go a little nuts over these things - just check out the message board where you can see what some other people have gotten (start at the end).

For those that don't already know about Woot!, it's a daily deal site.  Occasionally, they will have a Woot-Off, where they offer a deal until it sells out, then offer something else and so on.  At some point during the Woot-Off, they'll have a bag of crap.  Their servers will instantaneously crash and it's up to your connection and the internet gods to see if you can get through.  On extra special occasions (think Christmas and April Fools' Day), they will do something sneaky to offer the BOC.  In the 4 years I've watched Woot!, I've gotten two bags of crap.

This was my first (crappy, right?)
(I got this in November and those are 2010 page-a-day calendars, haha)

I landed the latest treasure from April Fools' Day.  They used this game to prove your worthiness.  Go ahead and play it for about 3 minutes and you'll get the joke (it's made to be randomly unwinnable).  Are you getting that the folks at Woot! have quite a sense of humor?  I gave the game the old college try but to no avail.  Being the crafty tech person (aka, nerd) that I am, I found a way around the game and successfully scored my second bag!


If you're keeping score, that's a bag of 10 random USB connectors, a screaming monkey keychain that's kinda busted, a $40 lampshade, and a reusable zebra tote bag.  Not great, but not bad.  And heck, if JCPenney will take back that lampshade, I've more than financed my next pursuit of random crap...