I love it when a blog post writes itself...

I think most of you reading this blog know that Ruth Ann is a kindergarten teacher.  As her belly is a bit harder to hide these days, she decided last week to tell her class that a baby was on the way.  And being the great teacher that she is, she used everybody's favorite (maybe?) word game, Hangman, to make them work a little bit for the scoop.

Once they got it, the reactions were priceless:

"a for real live baby?"
"and you can bring it for show & tell!"
"Mrs. Timmons, are you really fixin to have a baby right now?"
"Mrs. Seay (RA's assistant whose daughter is pregnant), then you have a baby too!"
"when are you going to take it out?"
"I bet Mrs. Timmons is going to have a too cute baby!"

And after a couple days of the news settling in:
"I'm just so excited about Mrs. Timmons having a baby I can't think anymore!"

Kids are funny.  I hope our kid is funny...