I'm just gonna be honest here, I'm addicted to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Period.

If we're friends on Facebook or if you're within my IM range, you've been subjected to my "why you should watch Late Night" campaign, and you've probably seen a fair share of brilliant clips from the show.  For those that haven't, this a media-heavy post so scroll down, I've included some faves below.

I've actually been a Fallon fan for a long time, back to the SNL days.  Without fail, the best sketches are those where someone in the cast breaks/cracks up, and when Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz got together, it was nearly impossible for them to keep a straight face, which was awesomesauce.  Post SNL, Jimmy put out a comedy album (yes, I own it) and did some stand up shows.  He came up to Boone and his set was hilarious.  The crowd was great and even after he ran out of his A material, he just kept going and making stuff up on the fly - "uh, sorry guys, do you want to hear some songs?".  Very cool.

Back around the holidays, we made a trip to NYC to check out the sights and sounds (check out Ginger's excellent recap of the trip here).  As part of the trip, we managed to catch a taping of Late Night and even managed to get on TV for a quick second.  At the end of the show, I got a Fallon high five.  Sweet!

(proof, suckas!)

(it's OK to squint, can you see my Christmas faux sweater t-shirt?)

For our entire crew, the taping was a big highlight of the trip.  We got to go down into the depths of 30 Rock, get shuffled around by some NBC pages (although no Kenneth sightings), and of course got to see Studio 6B.  It's always cool to see behind the curtain and watch what goes into taping a show.  Once we got seated, one of the writers came out to tell some jokes and warm up the crowd.  After we were sufficiently primed, it was time for The Roots.  An added bonus for the studio audience is that you get a mini-concert from one of the best bands on the planet.  For everyone else, not only do you get good music, you get comedy.  The guys in the band are all game to participate in a sketch and you can tell they just genuinely have a good time (don't even get me started on their uber clever/snarky walk on song choices).  I've never watched Silent Library on MTV, but Jimmy and The Roots were on an episode and it just goes to show how much fun they have (check out some behind the scenes clips of that episode here).

I've never been a huge fan of late night TV, but I am now.  We DVR LNJF every night, and I think that you should too.  It's a tall task to pick just a handful of clips to sway your opinion, but I think these should do the trick.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Is your DVR set yet?